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EV Trade Expo 2021

Renewable Energy Expo 2021

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12th Electric Vehicle Expo


Review of Green Ride
E-Bike's Store

How are lithium ion battery packs made?

Review of Atumobile Store

Review of Ather Store

Watch this before you buy a Revolt

MG ZS-EV Speed Test

Bajaj Chetak Review

Affordable Electric Scooter in India - Versatile

BLive EV Store

ICE Electric Bicycle

Electric Sports Bike


What is Battery?

What are Primary & Secondary Batteries

Lithium Battery Types

Capacity of a Battery

What is C-rate?

What is Maximum Charge Rate & Maximum Discharge Rate?

Maximum number of Cycles

How to increase voltage using Series Connection?

How to increase battery capacity using Parallel Connection?

Series v/s Parallel Connection

Electric Bicycle

Dismantling Fat Tire Bicycle

Gold Spray Painting to Electric Fat Tire Bicycle

Gold Electric Fat Tire Bicycle


Interview with BLive CEO and co-founder
Samarth Kholkar


PCB Etching at home

How to make a Lithium Battery Charger using TP4056

How to source Lithium Ion Batteries

How to make a 3s battery pack without spot welder


Lithium Ion Battery under critical conditions

Electric Vehicle Kit Connection

Electric Vehicle Kit Connection

Inside Electric Vehicles

What's inside a Hub Motor?

Electric Chetak

Making of world's first Electric Chetak