How to do PCB Etching at Home

Materials required:

1) Copper Clad
2) Ferric Cholrite (pcb etching agent)
3) PCB design on photo paper
4) iron box
5) Blade
6) Tinner or Petrol
7) Gloves
Step 1: Cutting of Copper Clad board
Reverse the copper clad board and with the help of the design draw the dimensions of it.
Need step using the blades blunt edge or an axa blade cut it.
Cut the paper design into the shape we want.
Step 2: preperation of Copper Clad board
Take a scrubber or a sand paper and scrub the copper clad board evenly.
By doing this we are making it rough soo that while we transfer the pcb design, it sticks on it.
Step 3: Transferring of pcb design on copper clad.
Plug in the iron box.
Place the design on the board.
Using a iron box or lamination machine, start ironing the board, do that for 5 minutes properly, be careful while doing this process.
If you are using a laminator then pass it for 5-6 times through the laminator so that it sticks to it properly.
Now place the board in a small container with water in it.
The board should be submerged in water.
Wait for 10 minutes, so that the paper absorbs the water and leaves the board easily.
Now remove the paper, you can see the design clearly on the copper clad board.
If some part of the design is Missing then use a marker to draw the lines or to make a connection.
Step 4: Etching of copper clad board
First take some water in a beaker and add ferric cholrite to it.
Add 2-3 spoons of it in the water.
Now place the board facing upwards in the solution.
Keep moving the container for 15-20 minutes, so that ferric cholrite can easily remove the excess copper from the board.
If you add more ferric cholrite it may be done in 10 minutes and if u add less ferric cholrite then it may take even longer than 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, use a non conducting material to remove the board from the solution and place it in water
After 5-10 minutes all the chemical from the board will be mixed with the water.
Now take a cloth and clean the board.
Step 5: Final step
Take few drops of Thinner or Petrol on a cloth.
Then gently remove the black design layer from the board.
When your doing this you will be able to see the design of our pcb is made with copper lines.

It’s done guys, soo this is how we make a pcb design board on a copper clad with just few simple steps