How to make a Lithium Battery Charger using TP4056

Materials Required

Mdf Board
TP4056 module
Super Glue
Axe blade


Steps to follow:-


Step-1: Download the stencil and cut all the pieces according to the dimensions mentioned.
Step-2: Attach the stencil pieces to the MDF board.
Step-3: Cut all the pieces according to the stencil and paint them.
Step-4: Follow along the video and make a slit for the TP4056 module.
Step-5: Using a hot glue gun attach the module to the MDF board.
Step-6: Join all the pieces using super glue.
Step-7: Take a tin sheet or you can even use soft drink cans as they are conducting materials and cut it in the shape as shown in the video.
Step-8: Make a small hole to the corner of the pieces and add some solder to it.
Step-9: Connect the wires.
Step-10: Your project is ready


**Download the stencil from the button below**